About Mikki

Life is one of the best things ever happened to me

Hi there, my name is Mikki Funk and welcome to my space.

Here I am sharing thoughts, ideas on art, spirituality, business, health and lifestyle…and much more


This page is an artpiece




One of the biggest challenge for me is to stay always in the NOW and to let go of things with love in my heart,

to breathe deeply and to claim my freedom every day a bit more

I wish to be an inspiration for others, especially other women,

who want to create their own self sustainability,

who want to connect to their own source of our creativity and

out of that state to live together in harmony with this amazing, wonderful planet.

To stay always in wonder….YES WOW


 I have my base on my favourite island Ibiza and still more then a suitcase in my other base Berlin.

I love to travel and challenge myself with travelling,

to go to places, that I am afraid of,

what ever the reason might be…

I traveled to remote regions for several months to study and work with many different teachers, shamans and witches from all around the world
I  investigated sacred places and ritualistic traditions, methods of rising consciousness

like various forms of meditation,dance and movement

always taking notes and pics or videos with my beloved camera

In my travels I get a lot of my inspiration for my artistic work, which is wide ranged in different medias.

Here I am sharing with you ….